274: Spirituality, Psychedelics & Circumcision: Taboo Topics With Luke Storey

In this episode, I am joined by Luke Storey who is a former celebrity fashion stylist turned public speaker, lifestyle design coach, thought leader, and entrepreneur. Luke has spent the past 21 years relentlessly searching the world to design his ultimate lifestyle through his extensive and sometimes even dangerous personal research and development. We’re definitely going to touch on a couple of those things today.

Using “The Life Stylist Podcast” as his platform, Luke continues to share his strategies for healing, happiness, and high performance living each week and covers topics including sex and relationships, yoga, meditation, smart drugs, health myths and medical conspiracies, spirituality, mindfulness, health food, supplementation, alternative medicine, and he digs deep into biohacking technologies and tactics.

Buckle your seatbelts… here we go!

Episode Highlights With Luke Storey

  • Luke’s tumultuous childhood, and how he overcame drug addiction to become a successful fashion stylist and motivational speaker
  • The spiritual awakenings that led him to find meaning in suffering
  • How to teach kids to be vulnerable but at the same time have boundaries
  • Tips to increase self-awareness and the ability to move forward after trauma
  • Luke’s experience with Ayahuasca
  • Our thoughts on the practice of circumcision
  • Two of the best health biohacks (that are free and available to everyone!)
  • And more!

Resources We Mention

  • LukeStorey.com
  • SchoolofStyle.com
  • The Life Stylist Podcast
  • MastinKipp.com
  • Rythmia clinic
  • Luke’s documentation and experience at Rythmia 
  • Documentary: American Circumcision

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A Big Thank You to Today’s Sponsors

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